Smudge Bundle

$ 15.00

Each smudge bundle comes with a selenite stick, two color corresponding chime candles, a cinnamon stick, a palo santo stick, and corresponding herbal smudge sticks (see below). Use these items with set intentions to cleanse and set the tone of the energy in your space.

Approximately 7 oz total weight

Abundance – orange & pine green chime candles, cedar smudge stick, blue sage & peppermint smudge stick.

Divination – light & dark purple chime candles, black sage (mugwort) & desert sage smudge stick, blue sage & lavender smudge stick

Grounding – brown & pine green chime candles, pine smudge stick, white sage smudge stick

Protection – red & black chime candles, rue smudge stick, rosemary smudge stick

Energy Clearing – light blue & dark blue chime candles, blue sage smudge stick, white sage & lavender smudge stick

Sweetening – pink & lime green chime candles, yerba santa & white sage smudge stick, rose & white sage smudge stick or dragon’s blood & white sage smudge stick

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