Herb-Infused Body Oil

$ 9.00 $ 18.00

Our herb infused body oils are a lovely addition to any skin care regimen. This oil can be used on damp or dry skin, applied to hair as well as skin, and even used as a bath or massage oil. Each variant is infused with calendula, one of the most skin-loving herbs on the planet that not only conditions but also keeps the skin  looking youthful and fading blemishes over time. 

4 oz wt

Ingredients: Calendula infused apricot kernel oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, vitamin E oil, phthlatate-free fragrance oil, calendula petals. Sweet Rose also contains rose petals and White Sage Lavender also contains lavender buds.

Directions: Apply as liberally as you would like to skin and hair, for optimum absorption apply to damp skin or hair.


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