Deodorizing Mask Spray

$ 12.00

Now that wearing face masks is a part of our new normal, some of those cloth masks can get a little *ehem* stale. Not to mention it sometimes feel like we're suffocating slowly trying to breath through a mask even when we are indeed getting efficient air circulations. But, NO WORRIES! We have a solution that will not only deodorize your cloth mask but also make it feel much easier to breathe through.

Eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender essential oils work almost as a shower steamer on the go. Inhaling the aromas of these oils open the air ways and "cools" the air we breathe to give us a more relaxed experience while wearing our face masks.

4 oz wt

Directions: spray on your cloth face masks to deodorize and assist in easier breathing while wearing your mask from the aroma of the essential oils. Allow mask to dry after spraying before wearing.

NOT A DISINFECTANT! Please disinfect/wash your cloth face masks as recommended by the CDC. Not for use on skin, FABRICS ONLY. If comes in contact with skin, rinse thoroughly to avoid irritation as highly concentrated essential oils can cause skin irritation.

Ingredients: Water, surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, dipropylene glycol, eucalytus essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil.

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