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Aluminum Free Deodorant and Why It's Good For YOU October 27, 2015 10:45

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Good Morning Fellow and Future Lumerians!

It's raining and overcast where I am, but it is still a great day in the land of Lumeria!

Let's get right to it. Deodorant. Yeah...something you don't really give much thought to once you have laid money down for it and it is in your possession. I mean, you can get if anywhere. Grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, big box retailers, and health food stores, all carry what many of us would not be able to live around other humans without.

Here's the tricky part, since you can get it anywhere, value tends to get lost in that all deodorants are not created equal.

If your deodorant has aluminum in it, you need to ditch it.

If your deodorant has alcohol in it, you need to ditch it.

If your deodorant has water in it, ditch it!

We here at Lumeria Body Care lead by example. First of all, we have none of the ingredients I previously mentioned in our deodorant. Second of all, every single ingredient that goes into our deodorant and into your armpits, is either geared towards absorbing moisture or preventing odor. That's it...that's all your deodorant is supposed to do.

So, for their first time out all together in our new packaging, we present to you: Lemongrass, Lavender and Sweet Rose! People want a deoodrant that works and that is what we have accomplished.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, make sure you pick up a stick of your favorite scent, @ 30% OFF, before October 31st, because this current batch of all three deodorants is going to be gooooooooone!

Naturally Yours,

Lumeria Body care